October 17, 2019

Workshop on Migration and Mobility at Shanghai University


On the 17th of October 2019, the Sino-German consortium team gathered for an afternoon exchange session at Shanghai University with Dr. Fengqing Li, Prof Liu Yong, Prof Sun Xiulin, and Prof Li Yongfu, and their honorary guest Prof. Zhao Min. With moderation and organization by Dr. Fengqing Li (Shanghai University) and Dr. Huang Huang (TU Berlin), the workshop was focused on the research of Working Package 6 - Migration and Mobility. Prof. Sun Xuilin and Dr. Fengqing Li offered inputs on the methodology of an extensive social survey within Shanghai, as well as an overview of Taizhou’s urbanization tract in its wider provincial and national context. Members of the German URA team presented the project’s overall research design and some of the preliminary research outcomes derived from the ongoing field work. Throughout the session, Prof. Dr. Zhao Min offered his comments and insights during each of the presentations and moderated productive discussions among the group to interrogate the issues and themes that had emerged from the field work.