October 22, 2019

Roundtable Discussion with Huangyan-Taizhou Agricultural and Forestry Bureaus

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URA researchers and representatives from the Huangyan-Taizhou Agricultural and Forestry Bureaus co-organized a fruitful roundtable discussion on October 22nd 2019 in Huangyan, regarding the status quo of farming and fertilizing technologies and subsequent waste management in the region. Technical and practical knowledge in these fields, was shared with the URA research team by a large number of experts including Mr. Wang Yunbin (Officer of Huangyan-Taizhou Fruit Tree Technology Promotion Station), Mr. Yang Xiaoqian (Director of Huangyan-Taizhou Rural Energy Office), Mr. Chen Keke (Director of Huangyan-Taizhou Vegetable Office), Mr. Lin Haizhong (Director Huangyan-Taizhou Agricultural Technology Promotion Center), Mr. Tao (Yonggang, Director of Huangyan-Taizhou Seed Management Station), and Ms. Yu Luna (Officer of Huangyan-Taizhou Agriculture and Technology Education Department). Besides, potential joint data collection strategies and further collaboration formats for R&D phase were discussed.

Photo by URA research team