October 4, 2019 — November 3, 2019

URA Field Work in Huangyan-Taizhou

Field work, Workshop, Meeting · Huangyan-Taizhou urban region

The URA research team conducted its second and most extensive field trip to Taizhou during the month of October and the beginning of November 2019. Researchers, research assistants, and master students from various working packages within the German institutions were sent out to the field during a 3-4 week immersive period of data collection together with their Chinese partners. The inter-disciplinary team was welcomed by the Chinese URA counterparts at their research institutions in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing, as well as participating in field investigations and contributing greatly to productive data collection and valuable knowledge exchange. Alongside observational studies and interviews, the fieldwork was structured around workshops, meetings, and discussions with key stakeholders from local academic, governmental and private sectors. Alongside fellow urban planning experts from the Chinese Academy of Urban Planning and Design (CAUPD) Shanghai and Turenscape Landscape Architecture, the met actors included various members and officials from departments within Huangyan District Government and Taizhou Municipality, Taizhou University, the Orange Research Institute, and Beiyang Seeher Farm, among many others.

Photos by URA research team