June 12, 2024

Invitation to Science-Policy Dialogue #4: Social Inclusion in Urban-Rural Linkages

Online conference
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Copy Of Ura Spd4 Agenda June 5

The immense scale of urbanisation across China in recent years has demonstrated the inherent implications of uneven economic, social, and environmental development. Building on cooperations between leading academic and non-academic partners in the field of sustainable urban and regional transformation in Germany and China, Sino-German research and development project 'Urban-Rural Assembly' (URA) applies the vastly urbanising region of Huangyan-Taizhou in Zhejiang Province in China as a unique research laboratory and development environment.

Within the municipality of Taizhou in Zhejiang Province, China, the urban-rural interface of Huangyan District is equally defined by its rich cultural heritage and traditional rural life, and ongoing processes of rapid modernization and industrialization. The economic growth and employment and investment opportunities offered by the development of local industries have attracted a substantial and diverse population inflow, primarily rural migrants from economically less developed domestic provinces. Furthermore, many local villagers who previously relied on agriculture are experiencing dramatic shifts in their economic and everyday practices. In this context, challenges to the social, economic and institutional inclusion of different types of people who co-inhabit the urban-rural interface and together shape the trajectory of development have come to light. As Huangyan District (or any other regions in China) continues its process of rural-urban transformation, identifying and addressing challenges to the inclusion of diverse social groups is crucial if the aim is to support pathways towards a more equitable and sustainable urban-rural development. 

Together with ICLEI China, URA project team will host the 4th URA Science-Policy Dialogue, themed in "Social Inclusion in Urban-Rural Linkages". Scientists, local governments, and NGOs will share strategies and practices of socially-just rural-urban transformation from Chinese and international rural-urban regions. The following topics will be discussed:

- Key challenges of social inclusion at the urban-rural interface in China

- Practices of social inclusion in international cities/regions

- Institutional mechanisms, policy frameworks, and governance structures necessary to foster coordination and coherence in advancing social inclusion goals

Time: June 12, 2024, Wednesday, 09:00 – 11:30 CEST

Venue: Zoom

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Simultaneous translation from Chinese to English is provided for Chinese speakers.

We look forward to seeing you!