June 30, 2022 — June 30, 2022

URA presented in World Urban Forum in Katowice

Forum · Katowice, Poland
Sure Wuf Program

During the World Urban Forum 11 in Katowice on 30 June, 2022 (12:15 - 13:45), the Urban-Rural Assembly was showcased in the Networking Event titled “Science Meets Policy: New Approaches for Multisectoral Collaborations to Build Urban-Rural Resilience for Sustainable Futures''. Organised by the SURE Facilitation and Synthesis Research team along with various SURE collaborative projects covering diverse geographical regions, the event addressed challenges faced by urban areas in emerging and developing countries. 

Given the growing dynamism, complexity, and pressure to act, issues such as deteriorating living conditions and environmental challenges persist. To address these, civil and public actors are compelled to offer smart, actionable strategies for sustainable urban-rural development. The networking event responded to the call for collaborative approaches aligning with SDGs localization and the New Urban Agenda. It discussed recent initiatives and allowed participants to forge connections and relationships. 

Prof. Anke Hagemann presented the URA project’s multi-disciplinary research and collaborative vision-building methodologies (Raumbild planning approach). The event’s unique hybrid World Café format facilitated global connections, local insights, and an open debate on innovative practices and tools for multi-sectoral collaboration. It provided a platform for exchanging ideas, strengthening partnerships, and establishing new ones, fostering networks and synergies among SURE projects and beyond.