November 8, 2023 — November 10, 2023

Review: 2023 Urban Biodiversity International Forum held in Kunming, China

International Forum · Kunming, China / online
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On November 8th, ICLEI, supported by INTERACTBio, MCR2030, URA and several other partners and initiatives, organised the Urban Biodiversity International Forum in Kunming City, China. The forum featured sessions on Interacted Actions for Biodiversity; City-Business Collaboration on Eco-Industry and Biodiversity; Urban Wetlands Protection; and Urban Biodiversity Assessment, Planning, and Practices. 

Prof. Wolfgang Wende (IÖR Dresden) gave a virtual presentation regarding ecological restoration and biodiversity compensation at Session III Urban Biodiversity Assessment, Planning, and Practices. He presented URA’s research findings on Urban-Rural Ecosystems in Huangyan-Taizhou, alongside German experiences and relevant cases.

Photo: ICLEI