May 4, 2023

URA Pre-conference Raumbild Workshop

workshop · Weimar, Germany
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After three years of the COVID-19 pandemic, the URA team were finally able to meet with partners at a pre-conference workshop in Weimar on 4th of May, 2023. The aim of the workshop was to share knowledge and research experiences gathered empirically at our site in Huangyan-Taizhou in China and in Nordhausen, Germany.

Dr Xie Yuting presented her theories on the practice of village construction under the title ’Vision Building Methods in China’. Much of her methods align with the URA Raumbild approach, providing insightful knowledge to inform future Raumblid workshops. In subsequent workshop sessions, principal investigators and researchers from the German URA consortium, representatives from the Chinese partner universities, UN-HABITAT, ICLEI EA, and spokespersons from the observer cities of Chengdu and Nordhausen discussed the Raumbild framework and analysed the interim results from living laboratories in China and Germany. The participation of Chinese partners was particularly valuable and has greatly facilitated URA’s research in Huangyan-Taizhou, establishing and developing connections with local actors in the region.

photographer: Fan Li