May 4, 2023 — May 6, 2023

StadtLand - from Thuringia to a Planetary Perspective

international conference · Apolda, Germany

The international conference jointly hosted by IBA and URA, ‘StadtLand - from Thuringia to a planetary perspective’, took place in Apolda, from 4th to 6th May, 2023. Prof. Anke Hagemann contributed an insightful dialogue on urbanisation with several guests in the first session of Stadtland. In the second session, Dr Maria Frölich-Kulik and Lukas Pappert presented how the Raumbild approach can be used as a method towards integrating multiple stakeholder perspectives in the process of urban-rural regional transformation. In the final session, Prof. Yang Guiqing shared his experiences across many years of involvement in rural regeneration projects in Huangyan-Taizhou, accompanied by Prof. Dr Sigrun Langner to conduct an in-depth discussion on these topics.

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Source: IBA Thuringia, Photographer: Thomas Müller