February 6, 2023

URA Periodical Issue #2: Dialogues Published

Publication · Berlin, Gernamy
Dialogues Ura 2 7

We are very happy to announce that the URA Periodical Issue #2: Dialogues has been published! 

The URA periodical is an annual open-access publication which will accompany the Sino-German research and development project Urban-Rural Assembly. Combining scientific texts and essays, photographic works, and/or ethnographic studies including interviews, spatial mapping and drawings, the URA periodical seeks to bridge academic, practice and policy discourses around global sustainability challenges and integrated planning and governance approaches at the urban-rural interface.

The second issue addresses the notion of 'dialogues' by including research articles written collaboratively by Sino-German teams, graphic contributions incorporating voices from various geographical contexts, and emphasises our interviews with experts in China and Germany, Sino-German Advisory Board members, as well as contacts from the field.

Editors: Ava Lynam, Huang Huang, Sigrun Abels, Guiqing Yang

Click here to download issue 2: Dialogues