October 28, 2021

Planning for Sustainable Urban Regions - Limits and Perspectives, 57th ISOCARP World Planning Congress, Doha

Special Session · Virtual Only

This session will introduce innovative planning approaches from a newly set up long-term funding programme of BMBF: 'Sustainable Urban Development of Urban Regions' (SURE). In total, it stretches over more than eight years with different funding phases, incorporating 10 large research consortia involving more than 30 research institutions in Germany, as well as numerous companies and several multi-national networks. The regional focus of this initiative is East Asia and Southeast Asia, at the forefront of accelerated urban growth. Each project represents trans-disciplinary research, aiming for change and a lasting impact. Thereby, the German partners closely cooperate with local research institutions and local and national governments.

Through this ambitious initiative, renewed means of planning and spatial interventions to overcome the shortcomings of traditional planning will provide the basis for more evidence-based decision-making for local stakeholders, supporting more people-centred urban and regional development. In the course of the proposed session, four projects of SURE will introduce their case-study-related approaches:

- Data-driven policies for resilient urban design (linking disaster risk governance and land-use planning: the case of informal settlements in hazard-prone areas in the Philippines)

- Integrating quality of life into the sustainable urban transformation of Phnom Penh (Build4People)

- A territorial approach to climate action (Urban Rural Assembly)

- The role of infrastructure, digitalisation and resources for climate action (PolyUrbanWaters)

The subsequent audience discussion will aim to reflect on these concepts with the aim of transforming how we plan for the sustainable development of urban regions. The central focus will be on planning tools and their possible application in global solutions that build towards enhanced resilience.

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