February 20, 2020

URA Consortium Workshop Berlin #4

Workshop · Technische Universität Berlin
Workshop 7

On the 20th of February 2020, the URA German consortium members met once again in Berlin. This workshop focused on the various teams’ interdisciplinary research methods, and discussed overlaps and shared issues encountered during the preparation of the application for the Research and Development phase of the project. The workshop was initially planned to take place in Taizhou, together with the Chinese consortium members and local political and entrepreneurial actors. Unfortunately, the coronavirus outbreak had hindered the team’s ability to travel to China, as well as the work of the actors within our research area in Taizhou. Despite these difficulties, our Chinese partners engaged in discussions through virtual mediums prior to the workshop, in order to share their ideas with their partners.

Workshop 6

This workshop was the third round of collectively grounding the URA research topics since the start of the project. The morning sessions focused on collaboratively mapping our various research focuses and findings from the Definition Phase, carried out through the Raumbild methodological approach. This allowed the interdisciplinary teams to visualize and share research themes and future visions of selected research areas, or Living Laboratories. In the afternoon session, the various URA working packages shared their detailed working plans and visions in the timeframe of the next 4 years from their disciplinary perspectives. Issues regarding collaboration with the other working packages, as well as local, international, professional and civil society stakeholders were specifically addressed and integrated into the shared milestone plan

Workshop 4